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Rainfall per Unit Area, Millimetres per Acre

Rainfall amounts are usually measured inches or millimetres and calculator will calculate the amount of water from a rainfall amount measured in millimetres per acre.

If an acre has a rainfall amount of one millimetre it would receive about 4047 litres of water.

Includes conversions to other measurements.

Rainfall Millimetres per Acre

Millimetre per Acre mm/ac
Decimal Rounding #


Cubic Inches in³
Cubic Feet ft³
Cubic Metres
Litres L
US Gallons US gal
Imperial Gallons Imp gal
Short Tons short ton (US)
Long Tons long ton (Imperial)
Metric Tons t


  1. rainfall amounts measured in millimetres per acre


  1. cubic inches of water
  2. cubic feet of water
  3. cubic metres of water
  4. litres of water
  5. US gallons of water
  6. Imperial gallons of water
  7. weight in short tons
  8. weight in long tons
  9. weight in metric tons
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