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Lineal Foot Factor (LFF)

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Calculate the lineal foot factor of a board from the exposed face value.

Knowing the material's lineal foot factor, you can calculate the number of boards needed to cover an area. We use siding as an example, but it can be used for any material with the same exposed face throughout the whole area.

Lineal Foot Factor Calculator
Lineal Foot Factor
To get the lineal foot factor (lff), you need to know the board's exposed face value.
Exposed face = that part of the board you can see when multiple boards are installed.
lineal foot factor = 12 inches divided by the exposed face value.

Enter the "exposed face width" in inches and fractions of an inch.
Inch in. n


Lineal Foot Factor #
Lineal Foot Factor # rounded to two decimals


  1. enter the exposed face value in inch plus fraction format


  1. the lineal foot factor
  2. the lineal foot factor rounded to two digits after the decimal point

wall length = 10'
wall height = 9'
exposed face of board= 4 1/2" = 2.67 LFF
10 * 9 * 2.67 = 240.3 lineal feet of board.

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