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Board Foot Log Rule Calculators

Log rules used to measure the volume of a log with the result in board feet. One board foot measures 12 inches x 12 inches x 1 inch and in theory, one cubic foot contains 12 board feet. But this does not usually apply to a board foot scaling rule as this does not take into account the amount of waste of cutting a log into usable sections that can be measured in board feet. The one and only exception to this is the Brereton log rule that converts one cubic foot to 12 board feet.

Cubic Volume Log Rule Calculators

Log scaling calculators that approximate the cubic volume of a log. Most common ones have results in cubic feet and cubic metres.

Log Weight and Volume Calculators

Various calculators that will let you calculate various aspects of trees including weight and volume of logs.

Proportion: Area Basis Conversions

Area conversion calculators with Forestry in mind.

Proportion: Number Basis Conversions

Calculators that convert between amounts per square area.

Proportion: Volume Basis Conversions

Cubic volume of trees in a woodlot with conversions between different areas.

Stems, Girth, Diameter and Basal Area

Calculators that will let you calculate basal area, plot area size and conversions between girth and diameter measurements.

Standing Tree Volume

Approximate the volume of trees in board feet and cubic metres.


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