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The same way as Edward Hoppus attached his name to the Hoppus Foot rule, Spike VM attached his name to the Spike's Rule.

Spike was no mathematician but by the grumbling of his stomach he could calculate the exact hour of dinner time. Spike has been seen cruising timbers and marking individual trees, so that should give him the right to have his name attached to a log scaling rule.

It is plain to the most casual observer that this is a most excellent rule for calculating log volume, and that "Spike" whoever he might be, succeeded in attaching his name thereto, not as its inventor, but merely as its tabulator, for his popular work is nothing but a ready-reckoner;

Spike's rule is a simple cubic foot rule that calculates the volume of a log by taking the average diameter of the small end of a log, in inches and the length of this log, in feet.

Length of Log ft
Diameter inch


Volume in Cubic Feet: ft³
Volume in Cubic Metres:
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