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The metric version of the Brereton log rule calculates the volume of a log in cubic metres.

Two diameter measurements shall be taken under bark at each log end perpendicular to each other (at both ends), and the final recorded diameter shall be the average of the two measurements in centimetres.

Lengths shall be measured along a straight line parallel to the log's central axis and recorded to the nearest lower full odd or even centimetre.

Diameter Measured Inside Bark = DIB
Average = Small End plus Large End Divided by Two
Length of Log in Meters M
DIB Average cm


Cubic Meter:
Cubic Foot: ft³


  1. enter the length of the log in metres
  2. enter the average diameter of the log in centimetres


  1. the cubic metre volume of the log
  2. the cubic foot volume of the log

Formula used:

V = 0.7854 * D² * L ÷ 10000
V = the volume in cubic metres (m³)
D = the average diameter measurement from both ends in centimetres (cm)
L = the length of the log in metres (m)

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