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Circumference (Girth) of a Log from Diameter, Inch and Fraction

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Get the girth measurement of a log from the diameter using inch and fraction of an inch for measurements.

Formula and conversions
Circumference = Pi * Diameter
one inch (in)= 2.54 centimetres (cm)
one centimetre (cm) = 0.393700787401575 inches (in)

Girth from Diameter Measurement

Diameter in n
Decimal Rounding #


Girth in Decimal Inch in
in Inch plus Fraction in
in Centimetres cm


  1. enter the diameter of the log in inch and or fraction of an inch
  2. select number of digits required for the result


  1. the girth of the log in decimal inch
  2. the girth of the log in inches and fraction's of an inch
  3. the girth of the log in centimetres
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