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Convert Diameter in Centimetres to Girth in Inches

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Covert the diameter of a log measured in centimetres to a girth measurement in inches

Conversion factor:
Pi  =  3.14159265359 
one centimetre  (cm) = 0.393700787401575 inches (in)
3.14159265359  *   0.393700787401575 = 1.2368475014133050430153425898331
diameter of one centimetre  = 1.236 85 inches girth

Diameter in Centimetres to Girth in Inches

Diameter in Centimetres cm
Decimal Rounding #


Girth in Inches in


  1. diameter in centimetres
  2. select number of digits required for the result


  1. girth in inches
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