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Doyle Log Rule for Standing Trees using Metric Measurements

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Approximate the gross board foot volume of a tree using the Doyle log Rule with metres for tree height and centimetres for the diameter measured @ breast height, 1.37 metres.
Board foot value results are as reported as in the Girard form class 78 table.

The merchantable tree height is from the 30 centimetres stump to a minimum top diameter which is usually a no less than 18 centimetres diameter measured inside bark.

Doyle Log Rule for Standing Tree using Metric Measurements

Merchantable Tree Height in Metres m
Tree Diameter @ Breast Height cm


Board Foot Volume Doyle bf


  1. enter the merchantable height of a tree in metres
  2. tree diameter measured at breast height @ 1.37 metres in centimetres


  1. board foot volume of the tree as reported in Girard form class 78
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