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Hoppus Foot per Acre to Cubic Metres per Hectare

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Convert from Hoppus foot per acre (h.ft/ac) to cubic metres per hectare (m³/ha)

one Hoppus foot (h.ft) =  0.03605413  cubic metres (m³)
one acre (ac) =  0.40468564224 hectare (ha) 
0.03605413 ÷ 0.40468564224  =  0.0890916954711677
one Hoppus feet per acre = 0.08909  cubic metres  per hectare

Hoppus Foot/Acre to Cubic Metre/Hectare

Hoppus Foot per Acre h ft/ac
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Cubic Metres per Hectare m³/ha


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  1. converted to cubic metres per hectare
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