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Sweep Percentage Deduction Calculator

Calculate the amount to deduct for a sweep defect based on the maximum deflection and the top end (small) diameter of the log.

Log Sweep

A one-inch deflection is allowed for logs under 12 feet and a two-inch deflection for logs 12 feet and over.

Example calculation:
log length of 16 feet
top end diameter of 24 inches
the maximum deflection in the log is 9 inches
For this log the volume is deducted by 29%
(9 - 2) ÷ 24 * 100 = 29%
For this log the volume is deducted by 29%

Percentage Loss from Log Sweep

Length of Log in Feet ft
Log Small End Diameter inch
Sweep inch


Volume Deduction Percentage %


  1. enter the length of the log in feet
  2. small end diameter in inches
  3. deflection of the sweep in inches


  1. log volume deduction in a percentage
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