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"Cubic method" log volume formula for estimating the volume of a log using one diameter small end measurement. This is one of the methods of log scaling used in Manitoba, Canada, the other one is the Smalian formula.

Cube Method: Log Volume in Cubic Metres of Tapering Cylinders
Manitoba Log Rule
V = volume in cubic metres (m³)
π = 3.14159
L = length of log in metres
D = small end diameter of log in centimetres

Log Length
Lengths are entered in the odd centimetre class with the class boundary occurring on the even centimetre.
Logs greater than 3.4 m in length and up to and including 3.6 m in
length, are entered as 3.5 m logs.
a log 3.4 m in length is entered as 3.3m
a log 3.61 is entered as 3.7m

Log Diameter
Diameters are measured inside the bark in 2 centimetre size class intervals, with the class boundary occurring on the odd centimetre,
33 cm to 35 cm diameter is entered as 34cm
35.1 cm diameter is entered as 36 cm

Cube Method

Length of Log in Metres m
Diameter Small End of Log cm


Log Volume of Log in Cubic Metres


  1. log length in metres
  2. diameter small end in centimetres


  1. volume in cubic metres
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