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Scribner for Standing Trees using Metric Measurements

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Approximate the gross volume of a tree in board feet with measurements in metres for height and diameter in centimetres using the Scribner log scale..
Board foot value results are for Girard form class 78, the most commonly used class.

This calculator uses the merchantable height of the tree measured from a 30 centimetres (0.3 metres) stump height to where main stem diameter equals a specified limit.

Scribner Log Rule for Tree BFM using Metric Measurements

Merchantable Tree Height in Metres m
Tree Diameter @ Breast Height cm


Board Foot Volume Scribner bf


  1. enter the merchantable height of the tree in metres
  2. tree diameter measured at breast height in centimetres (breast height = 1.37 metres)


  1. Scribner board foot volume of the tree as reported for Girard form class78
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