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The Solid Volume of a Log

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Calculate the solid wood volume of a log using two end measurements and the length of the log.

Formula used:

V= ((d + D) ÷ 2)² * 0.005454 * L
V= volume in cubic feet
d = small end diameter in inches
D large end diameter in inches
L = length of log in feet
0.005454  a constant a.k.a. the foresters constant
diameters have to be measured inside bark

Solid Volume

Length of Log in Feet ft
Large End Diameter in
Small End Diameter in
Number of Logs #


Cubic Feet ft³


  1. enter the length of the log measured in feet
  2. large end diameter of log measured in inches
  3. top end diameter of log measured in inches
  4. number of logs of this size you wish to calculate for


  1. cubic foot volume of the log(s)
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