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Standing Tree Cubic Volume Calculator

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Calculate the cubic metre volume of trees using metres for height and centimetres for tree diameter.
The diameter of the tree is measured at breast height ( 1.3 metres)

Standing Tree / Cubic Metres

Number of Trees #
Height of Tree in Metres m
DBH of Tree cm
Diameter Measured at Breast Height (1.3 metres) = DBH


Cubic Meter:
Cubic Foot: ft³
Board Foot: bf


  1. enter the number of trees you wish to calculate for
  2. merchantable height of the tree (in metres)
  3. diameter of the tree @ breast height (in centimetres)


  1. volume of the tree('s) in cubic metres
  2. conversion of result one to cubic feet
  3. conversion of result one to board feet ( based on one cubic metre = 423.776 mbf)
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