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Calculate Total Shrinkage from any Moisture Content below FSP

Sometimes the shrinkage values area listed from green to a certain moisture content and you would like to know what the total shrinkage values are.

Shrinkage: radial 2.1%, tangential 4.3, and volumetric 6.5% from green to 15% moisture content.
Plug these values into the calculator in their respective fields, and it would help if you know the fsp for the species. If not take an educated guess for the fsp.
At an FSP of 28% the calculator returns for total shrinkage from green to 0 % MC for tangential shrinkage 9.262%, radial 4.523% and 14% for the total volumetric shrinkage.

Total Shrinkage from any MC below FSP

Tangential Shrinkage %
Radial Shrinkage %
Volumetric Shrinkage %
Moisture Content %
Fiber Saturation Point %


Total Tangential Shrinkage %
Total Radial Shrinkage %
Total Volumetric Shrinkage %
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