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Calculate Grape Yield and Wine Production

Calculate grape yield in short tons, volume of wine in US gallons and the amount of bottles your vineyard produces.

Establish the average weight of the grapes on the vines by weighing the amount of grapes of several vines, adding the weights together and dividing this by the amount of vines sampled.

Calculator uses US customary units for weight and volume.
one US ton = 2000 lbs = 907 kg
one US liquid gallon = 3.78541litres

Tons per Acre Hectolitres of Wine

Type of Wine White
Number of Vines Planted #
Non Producing Vines #
Row spacing ft
In Row Vine spacing ft
Average Weigth of Grapes per Vine lbs


Grape Yield in Tons short ton
Gallons of Wine gal
Acres Planted #
Short Tons per Acre #
Gallons per Acre #
Bottles 750 ml
Bottle's of Wine per Vine 750 ml

The Calculation

  1. select the type of wine you are producing
  2. enter the number of vines planted
  3. number of non producing vines
  4. the spacing in between the rows of vines(feet)
  5. the in row spacing of the vines (feet)
  6. the average weight of grapes on a vine (lbs)

The Results

  1. grape yield measured in tons (US tons)
  2. grape yield converted to volume of wine (US Gallons)
  3. area planted in acres (or part there of)
  4. tons of grapes one acre produces (based on inputs)
  5. volume of wine one acre produces
  6. number of 750 millilitres bottles from the total volume of wine
  7. bottle(s) of wine from one vine
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