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Odd Shaped Vineyard Grape Vines Calculator - Metric

Calculate the Amount of Grape Vines Needed for Planting an Odd Shaped Vineyard.

This calculator will calculate the amount of grape vines needed to plant an odd shaped area with a choice of five different shaped areas. Add the shape that closely resembles your area. Enter the measurements and get the results of vines needed per hectare.

The Calculator

  1. Select required shape
  2. Enter the required lengths to calculate the shape's area (in Metres)
  3. Enter the required spacing between rows (in Metres)
  4. Enter the required spacing of the vines in the rows (in Metres)
  5. Click on the Calculate Button

The Results

  1. # of vines needed for this area
  2. The size of the area in square Metres
  3. The size of the area in hectares or part of

In addition it will keep a running total if your using multiple items for area and amount of vines needed


The total results will appear here:

Total Area:
Total Vines Needed:
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