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Paver Base Material by the Bag and Cost

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Prices are based on buying materials needed in bag format.

The length and width measurements should be the actual area you are laying pavers on. Material for the base will be calculated allowing for over excavation based on the depth of your gravel base.

If you require a 4" depth of gravel base the calculator will add material for 8" allowing for an over excavation 4" on each side.

Bags of sand appear to be sold by weight. A bag of 50 lbs of sand has a volume of 0.5 cubic foot. If you have a different weight bag divide the lbs by 100 to get the approximate cubic foot volume of the bag needed for the calculator entry.

Sand does not get used until you are ready to lay your pavers.

The Geotextile fabric is optional but well worth the investment.

The cost does not include rental of a compactor and if required, the cost of an excavator.

Length ft in.
Width ft in.
Depth of Paver Base
Depth of Sand Needed in.
Volume of One Bag
of Paver Base
Volume of One Bag
of Sand
Bag of Paver Base Cost $
Bag of Sand Cost $


Area in Square Feet ft²
Bags of Paver Base Needed #
Bags of Sand Needed #
Geotextile Fabric ft²
Cost S

The Calculator

  1. Enter the length and width of your paving project. (feet and inches)
  2. The volume one bag of paver base (gravel) covers in cubic feet.
  3. The volume one bag of sand covers in cubic feet.
  4. The price of one bag paver base gravel.
  5. The price of one bag or box of sand.

The results

  1. The area you are paving in square feet.
  2. number of bags of gravel needed.
  3. number of bags of sand needed
  4. square feet of geotextile fabric needed.
  5. Total cost of combined materials. Includes geotextile fabric calculated at 15 cents a square foot.
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