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Calculate the base materials and the amount of pavers or patio stones needed for your paving project.

Paver size needs to be entered in inch and fraction format.

If your paver length is 6 3/8", then 6 is entered in the inch field, 3 in the n (numerator) field and 8 is entered in the d (denominator) field.

The gravel needed for the base assumes a compaction factor of -15%. You are purchasing the gravel in loose state and after compaction the volume of gravel will decrease.

Number 6 "part of paver section attached to home or curb" is used to determine which part of your paved area would not need edging support, if you are using this.

Length ft in
Width ft in
Paver Length in n
Paver Width in n
Paver Height in n
Length of Paver Section
Attached to House or Curb
ft in
Base Thickness in


Paver Area in Square Feet ft²
Excavation Depth
from Top of Paver
# of Pavers Needed #
Perimeter ft
Paver Edging ft
Geotextile Fabric ft²
Paver Base Needed yd³
Sand for Bedding Needed yd³
Polymeric Sand for
Filling the Joints
50 lbs Bags

The Calculator

  1. enter the length of the area (feet and inches)
  2. enter the width of the area (feet and inches)
  3. enter the Paver Length (inches and fractions)
  4. enter the Paver Width (inches and fractions)
  5. enter the Paver Height (inches and fractions)
  6. part of paver section attached to home or curb (feet and inches)
  7. the thickness of the paver base (inches)

The results

  1. Area in square feet for laying pavers
  2. dept of excavation in inches
  3. amount of pavers needed
  4. the perimeter of paver area
  5. that part of paver area that needs edging support
  6. geotextile fabric for under paver base in square feet
  7. 3/4" minus crushed gravel needed for the paver base in cubic yards
  8. amount of sand needed for laying pavers based on 1" of layer thickness in cubic yards
  9. sand needed for filling joints based on one 50 lbs bag of polymeric sand covering 70 square feet of paver joints
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