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Estimate the amount of pavers and sand needed for your paving job. Not all types of sand can be used as bedding sand for pavers. It is important to use the right type of sand.

Washed river sand will make an excellent bedding layer for pavers.
Length ft in
Width ft in
Paver Length in n
Paver Width in n
Waste %


Area in Square Feet ft²
# Of Pavers Needed #
# Of Pavers Needed Including Waste #
Sand Needed in Cubic Feet ft³
Sand Needed in Cubic Yards yd³

The Calculator

  1. enter the length of the area (feet and inches)
  2. enter the width of the area (feet and inches)
  3. the length of the paver (inches)
  4. the width of the paver (inches)
  5. include a waste factor if required (percentage)

The results

  1. square footage of the area
  2. number of pavers needed
  3. number of pavers needed including the waste percentage
  4. bedding sand needed in cubic feet (based on a 1" thick layer)
  5. bedding sand needed converted to cubic yards
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