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Difference in Height from a Slope Percentage

This calculator will calculate the height difference in inches based on the required slope percentage and the length of the area that requires the slope.

Slope Percentage

Height from Slope Percentage

Length ft in
Required Slope %
Decimal Rounding # of digits


Height Difference in
Height Difference in


  1. Enter the length in feet and inches
  2. required slope in a percentage
  3. decimal precision, the number of digits after the decimal point


  1. height difference in decimal inch
  2. height difference inches plus fraction
A garage floor of 24 feet 6 inches requires a 2% slope.
24'-6" = 100% 
To make it easier and more useful, convert the foot value into inches
24 * 12 = 288 + 6  =  294"
294 = 100%
Divide this amount by one hundred and multiply it by two to get the 2 percent value;
294 ÷ 100 = 2.94 * 2 = 5.88"
The garage floor needs a height difference of 5.88 inches to get the required 2% slope. (the back of the garage floor has to be 5.88 inches higher than the front)
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