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Calculate the area, volume and perimeter of a Square/Rectangular shaped pool and the amount of water needed to fill the pool.

This calculator calculates the surface area of the pool in square feet, volume of the pool in cubic feet, the perimeter of the pool in lineal feet and the amount of water it takes to fill the pool with results in US Gallons, Imperial Gallons and Litres.

For this calculator you need to enter the length (length) and width (width) of the pool and the depth of the pool.

Unit of measurements used for this calculator is imperial feet with inches in decimal format.

Length of Area: ft
Width of Area: ft
Depth Shallow End: ft
Depth Deep End: ft


Surface Area: ft²
Perimeter: ft
Volume Cubic Feet: ft³
Water Volume US Gallon: gal
Water Volume Imperial Gallon: gal
Water Volume Litres: litres
Square/Rectangular Shaped Pool
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