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Metric Kidney Shaped Pool Volume Calculator

Calculate the the volume of a kidney shaped pool using metric measurements in litres.


This calculator calculates the total area within the red line. Sometimes there will be a small section (like the grey area in the bottom of the image) that needs to be subtracted. And at times there will be a small section that falls outside the calculated area that needs to be included. Usually these areas are in the shape of a circle segment. There are two options for including or excluding these areas in the calculator done by selecting the required radio button. If you don't need the option leave the button at none.

Article on How To calculate the Volume of a Kidney Shaped Pool

Kidney Shaped Pool Volume Calculator

Kidney Shaped Pool

Pool Length - Length A m
Diameter B m
Diameter C m
Average Pool Depth m
Segment One Chord Length m
Segment One Height of Arc m
Segment One None
Segment Two Chord Length m
Segment Two Height of Arc m
Segment Two None


Pool Surface Square Metres
Perimeter of Pool lin m
Pool Volume in Cubic Metres
Pool Volume Litres L
Pool Volume US Gallons gal
Pool Volume Imperial Gallons gal


  1. enter length A (metres)
  2. enter diameter B (metres)
  3. enter diameter C (metres)
  4. average depth of pool (metres)
  5. segment one (if you don't need it leave it at none)
  6. segment one chord length (metres)
  7. segment one height (metres)
  8. segment two (if you don't need it leave it at none)
  9. segment two chord length (metres)
  10. segment two height (metres)


  1. area of pool in square metres
  2. the perimeter of the pool (lineal metres. approximate)
  3. volume of pool in cubic metres
  4. pool volume in litres
  5. volume in US gallons
  6. volume in Imperial gallons
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