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Pool/Pond Fill Time Calculated Using Imperial Gallons

Calculate the amount of time it takes to fill a pool or pond with a garden hose using Imperial gallons for water capacity and pounds per square inch (PSI) for water pressure.

Calculation is based on nominal hose diameter, garden hose length, and source pressure.

It is impossible to calculate the exact time it takes to fill a pond or pool with a garden hose. Kinks or bends in a garden hose will increase hose friction and reduce the available water flow. And as such the results will vary in real live.

Pool/Pond Fill Time Imperial Gallons

Pool or Pond Volume Imperial Gallons


Water Flow Rate Imperial gpm
Fill Time hrs min

The Calculation

  1. select hose diameter and source pressure (inch plus psi)
  2. select hose length (feet)
  3. enter the pool or pond volume in gallons (Imperial gallons)

The Results:

  1. water flow rate in Imperial gallons per minute
  2. the time it takes to fill the pool/pond in hours and minutes
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