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Pool/Pond Fill Time Calculator

Calculate the approximate time it takes to fill a pool or pond with a garden hose.

Calculation is based on nominal hose diameter, garden hose length, and source pressure.

Pounds per square inch (PSI) is used to measure the water pressure and the flow rate of the water is calculated in US liquid gallons per minute.

Pool/Pond Fill Time US Gallons

Pool or Pond Volume US Gallons


Water Flow Rate gpm
Fill Time hrs min

The Calculation

  1. select hose diameter and source pressure (inch plus psi)
  2. select hose length (feet)
  3. enter the pool or pond volume in gallons (US liquid gallons)

The Results:

  1. water flow rate in US gallons per minute
  2. the time it takes to fill the pool/pond in hours and minutes
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