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Gambrel Roof - Square Footage Calculator

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Calculate the square footage of a Gambrel style roof using imperial measurements.

Gambrel style roof
The "Lower Slope Length" is measured from outside wall to the start of the upper sloped roof section.

Building Length ft inch
Building Width ft inch
Eaves Overhang inch
Gable Overhang inch
Lower Roof Pitch /12
Lower Slope Length ft inch
Upper Roof Pitch /12


Roof Area ft²
Lower Roof Angle °
Lower Slope %
Upper Roof Angle °
Upper Slope %


  1. Enter the length of the building. (feet+inches)
  2. Enter the width of the building. (feet+inches)
  3. Enter the overhang of the eaves. (inches)
  4. Enter the overhang of the gable. (inches)
  5. Enter the pitch of the upper roof (rise /12")
  6. Enter the pitch of the lower roof. (rise /12")
  7. Enter the lower pitch length. (feet+inches)
Gambrel style roof

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