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Calculate the square footage of a Gambrel style roof using imperial measurements.

Gambrel style roof
The "Lower Slope Length" is measured from outside wall to the start of the upper sloped roof section.

Gambrel Roof - Square Footage

Building Length ft inch
Building Width ft inch
Eaves Overhang inch
Gable Overhang inch
Lower Roof Pitch /12
Lower Slope Length ft inch
Upper Roof Pitch /12


Roof Area ft²
Lower Roof Angle °
Lower Slope %
Upper Roof Angle °
Upper Slope %


  1. Enter the length of the building. (feet+inches)
  2. Enter the width of the building. (feet+inches)
  3. Enter the overhang of the eaves. (inches)
  4. Enter the overhang of the gable. (inches)
  5. Enter the pitch of the upper roof (rise /12")
  6. Enter the pitch of the lower roof. (rise /12")
  7. Enter the lower pitch length. (feet+inches)
Gambrel style roof
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