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Calculate the amount of woood shingles needed to cover a Gambrel roof.

Gambrel style roof

The wood shingles calculation is based on:
Shingles coverage of one roofing square (100sqft) = 4 bundles @ 5" exposure, 1 bundle covers 25 square feet @ 5" exposure.

Building Length ft inch
Building Width ft inch
Eaves Overhang inch
Gable Overhang inch
Wall to Upper Pitch Start ft inch
Upper Roof Pitch /12
Lower Roof Pitch /12
Exposure of Shingle inch
Waste %


Roof Area ft²
Ridge Length lineal ft
Shingles to Cover Roof Bundles
Added for Waste Bundles
For Starter Strip Bundles
For Ridge Capping Bundles
Total Amount of Shingles Needed: Bundles


  1. Enter the length of the building. (feet+inches)
  2. Enter the width of the building. (feet+inches)
  3. Enter the overhang of the eaves. (inches)
  4. Enter the overhang of the gable. (inches)
  5. Wall to Upper Pitch Start. (feet+inches)
  6. Enter the pitch of the upper roof (rise /12")
  7. Enter the pitch of the lower roof. (rise /12")
  8. Coverage of One Pack(square feet/pack)
  9. Waste factor if required. (percentage)


  1. It adds 1 bundle for every 60 lineal feet of perimeter starter course.
  2. It adds 1 bundle for every 25 lineal feet of ridge.
  3. If you are planning to use pre-made capping for the ridge subtract the amount for ridge from total bundles needed.

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