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Roof Sheathing Hip Roof Imperial Calculator

Estimate the number of sheets of plywood or OSB that are needed for sheathing a Hip roof.
The calculation is based on 4' x 8' sheets = 32 square feet each.

Hip Roof Sheathing Calculator

Hip Roof Sheathing Imperia

Building Length ft inch
Building Width ft inch
Eave Overhang inch
Roof Pitch : 12
Waste Percentage %


Roof Area ft²
Estimated Plywood Needed #
Waste Factor adds #
Plywood Needed Including Waste #


  1. enter the length of the building in feet and inches
  2. the width in feet and inches
  3. eaves overhang in inches
  4. pitch of the roof rise in 12"
  5. waste factor in a percentage preset @ 10%

The Results

  1. area of roof square feet
  2. number of sheets needed based on exact square footage of the roof
  3. the number of sheets the waste percentage will add
  4. number of sheets needed including the waste
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