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Quonset Calculator

Calculate the square footage plus the roof and wall areas of a Quonset Hut type building. By definition, a Quonset Hut is a pre-fabricated, lightweight metal structure in a semi, half-circle shape.

Quonset Hut

Quonset Hut

This calculator will calculate a half-circle or less shaped building and will provide results for the arc length of the roof, the roof area and the area of the two walls in square feet. It also calculates the radius of the circle the circular segment shape is based on.

Quonset Hut

Building Width ft in
Building Length ft in
Building Height ft in


Building Square Footage ft²
Radius ft
Arc Length ft
Area of Walls ft²
Roof Area in Square Feet ft²
Roof Area in Squares sq


  1. enter the width of the building
  2. the length of the building
  3. the height of the building


  1. square footage of the building
  2. radius
  3. arc length
  4. wall area in square feet
  5. roof area in square feet
  6. roof area in squares
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