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This calculator can be used for basically any type of siding including, ship lap, dolly varden, T&G, bevel, dutch lap, S4S, fiber cement, engineered wood etc....

To use this calculator you have to know the exposed face value of the type of cladding you are using.


The exposed face width of a piece of cladding varies by manufacturer and in the case of lapped cladding it depends on how much you overlap the boards.

actual size - overlap = exposed face
actual size - overlap = exposed face

Length of Wall M
Height of Wall M
Wall Openings
Exposed Face of Cladding mm
Waste %


Wall Area
Cladding to Cover Wall lin. M
Waste Factor Adds in lin. M
Total Amount of
Cladding Needed
in lineal Metres


  1. Enter the wall length in metres
  2. Enter the wall height and height in metres
  3. Calculate the total square metres of your windows and doors and enter that in "Wall Openings"
  4. Enter the exposed face values in millimetres
  5. Enter a waste factor if required.


  1. Wall Area is the square meters of the wall minus wall openings.
  2. Cladding to Cover Wall: Amount of cladding needed to cover the wall in lineal metrs.
  3. Waste Factor Adds is the amount of lineal metrs that will be added to the total based on your required waste factor.
  4. Total Amount of Cladding Needed: total lineal meters of cladding needed.

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