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Fiber Cement / Composite Wood Cladding Calculator

Calculate the amount of Fibre Cement/Composite Wood Cladding needed to cover a wall online.

Siding Exposure Lap

This calculator can be used to calculate the amount of boards needed to clad a wall when using cladding that comes in fixed board lengths such as composite wood cladding and fibre cement cladding.

Fibre Cement Cladding Manufactures: James Hardie, Vitragroup, Amroc, Copal, Eternit, Promat, Shera, Vitrabond, Equitone, Mitten, Nichica, Euro Panels, Cembrit

Composite Wood Cladding Manufactures: Weathertex, Multipanel, Vinylit, Mitten


Length of Wall M
Height of Wall M
Wall Openings
Board Length mm
Exposed Face mm
Waste %


Square Metres of Wall
to be Covered
Amount of Siding to
Cover Wall
# of boards
Waste Factor Adds # of boards
Total Amount of
Cladding Needed
# of boards

The Calculation

  1. Enter the wall length. (meters)
  2. Enter the wall height. (meters)
  3. Enter the combined square meters of your windows and doors in "Wall Openings" (square meters)
  4. Enter the board length of your cladding. (millimeters)
  5. Enter the exposed face value of your cladding. (millimeters)
  6. Enter waste factor if required. (percentage)

The Results

  1. Square Meters of Wall is the wall area minus wall openings.
  2. Amount of cladding to cover the wall is the amount of boards needed to cover the wall.
  3. Waste factor is the amount of boards that will be added to the total based on your required waste factor.
  4. Total amount of cladding needed = the results from 2 and 3.
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