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Lineal Metre Factor Calculator

This calculator can be used to calculate the lineal metre factor for a board with a certain width.

Lineal Metre Factor Calculator

The lineal metre factor can be used to calculate the lineal metres of boards needed to cover an area.

To get the lineal metre factor for a board you need to know the exposed face value of a board in millimetres.

Example on how to use the lineal metre factor (lmf)

The exposed face value for this board = 132mm
Enter 132 in the calculator.
The result: lineal metre factor for this board = 7.576

Next you need to calculate the square metres of the wall you need to cover.
Wall length = 3.6 metres
Wall height = 2.4metres
Square metres of wall = 2 .4* 3.6 = 8.64sq metres

The multiply the square metre amount of the wall by the lineal metre factor of the board with 132 mm exposed face.
8.64 * 7.576 = 65.4566

To cover the wall you will need 65.4566 lineal metres of this board.

Exposed Face mm


Lineal Metre Factor #
Lineal Metre Factor rounded to three decimals

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