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Vinyl Siding Calculator

Calculate the amount of Vinyl siding needed to cover a wall.

Vinyl Siding

Standard width of vinyl siding panel is between 6" to 10". The standard length for vinyl siding panels is 12' to 12'-6" with longer panels available up to 40' in length, reducing the number of seams on the wall .

Length of Wall ft in.
Height of Wall ft in.
Wall Openings ft²
Exposed Face in. n
Vinyl Panel Length ft in.
# Panels per Carton #
Waste Factor %


Wall Area ft²
Lineal Feet of
Panels To Cover Wall
lin. ft
Amount of Panels
to Cover wall
# of lengths
Waste Factor Adds # of lengths
Total Number of
Panels Needed
# of lengths
Total Viny Siding Needed # of cartons


  1. Enter the length of the wall. (feet+inches)
  2. Enter the height of the wall. (feet+inches)
  3. Enter the combined square footage of doors and windows in "Wall Openings" (square Feet)
  4. Enter panel face cover. (inches)
  5. Enter panel length. (feet+inches)
  6. If you know how many panels there are in a carton. (panel/carton)
  7. Enter a waste factor if required. (percentage)


  1. Square footage of wall area.
  2. Total Number of Panels Needed.
If you entered a value for panel/carton, the amount Vinyl siding needed by the carton.

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