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Vinyl Weatherboard Cladding Calculator

Calculate the amount of Vinyl weatherboard cladding needed to cover a wall.

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl cladding comes in many widths and lengths. Standard panel widths range from 100 mm to 250 mm face coverage and come in 5.84 mtr to 8 mtr lengths.


Length of Wall M
Height of Wall M
Wall Openings
Panel Face Cover mm
Panel Length M
# Panels per Carton #
Waste Factor %


Wall Area
Lineal Metres of Panels
To Cover Wall
lin. M
Amount of Panels
to Cover wall
# of lengths
Waste Factor Adds # of panels
Total Number of
Panels Needed
# of lengths
Total Viny Cladding
# of cartons


  1. Enter the length of the wall. (metres)
  2. Enter the height of the wall. (metres)
  3. Enter the combined square footage of doors and windows in "Wall Openings" (square Metres)
  4. Enter panel face cover. (millimetres)
  5. Enter panel length. (Metres)
  6. If you know how many panels there are in a carton. (panel/carton)
  7. Enter a waste factor if required. (percentage)


  1. Square Metres of wall area.
  2. Total Number of Panels Needed.
  3. If you entered a value for panel/carton, the amount Vinyl Cladding needed by the carton.
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