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Vertical Elliptical Cylinder Tank Feet

Calculate the volume, capacity and surface area of a vertical elliptical cylinder tank/container using feet for measurements.

Vertical Elliptical Cylinder Tank
Approximate Weight of Fuel or Water
one US gallon of water = 8.34 pounds
one US gallon of diesel fuel = 7.1 pounds
one US gallon of gas = 6 pounds

Vertical Elliptical Cylinder Tank - Feet

Diameter A ft in
Diameter B ft in
Height of the Tank ft in
Liquid Weight-Pounds per US Gallon lb/gal US


Tank Volume:
In Cubic Feet ft³
In Cubic Inches in³
In Cubic Metres
Tank Capacity:
In US Gallons gal US
In Imperial Gallons gal Imperial
In Litres L
Liquid Weight and Surface Area
Weight of Liquid lbs
Surface Area in Square Feet ft²
In Square Inches in²
In Square Millimetres mm²
In Square Metres


  1. enter diameter A in feet
  2. diameter B in feet
  3. the height of the tank in feet
  4. the weight of the liquid in pounds per US gallon


  1. the volume of the vertical ellipse tank in cubic feet
  2. the volume in cubic inches
  3. the volume in cubic metres
  4. the tank capacity in US gallons
  5. the capacity in Imperial gallons
  6. the capacity in litres
  7. full tank liquid weight
  8. the surface area of the tank in square feet
  9. the surface area in square inches
  10. the surface area in square millimetres
  11. the surface area in square metres

volume= 𝝅HWL/4
where 𝝅 = 3.14159265
H is the height of the tank
W the width
L the length
one cubic foot (ft³) = 1728 cubic inches (in³)
one cubic foot (ft³) = 28316846.592 cubic millimetres (mm³)
one cubic foot (ft³) = 0.028316846592 cubic metres (m³)
one cubic foot (ft³) = 7.48051948051947 gallons (gal) US
one cubic foot (ft³) = 6.22883545904283 gallons (gal) Imperial
one square foot (ft²) = 144 square inches (in²)
one square foot (ft²) = 92903.04 square millimetres (mm²)
one square foot (ft²) = 0.09290304 square metres (m²)

Ellipse - Vertical Tank/Container

Vertical Elliptical

Partial Filled

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