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Truncated Cone Tank - Millimetres

Truncated Cone Tank

Calculate the volume and capacity of a truncated cone tank. A truncated cone tank is a cone where the top part is cut off parallel to its base. This calculator uses millimetres for measurements.

Approximate weight of Fuel or Water
one litre of water = 1 kilogram
one litre of diesel fuel = 0.832 kilogram
one litre of gas = 0.75 kilogram

Note: measurements used in the calculation are diameter lengths, not radius lengths!

Truncated Cone Tank - Millimetres

Height of Truncated Cone mm
Top Diameter mm
Base Diameter mm
Liquid Weight-Kilograms per Litre kg/L


Tank Volume
In Cubic Millimetres mm³
In Cubic Metres
In Cubic Feet ft³
Tank Capacity
In Litres L
In US Gallons gal US
In Imperial Gallons gal Imperial
Weight of Liquid kg


  1. truncated cones' height in millimetres
  2. the top diameter in millimetres
  3. base diameter in millimetres
  4. the weight of the liquid in kilograms per litre


  1. the volume of the truncated cone tank in cubic millimetres
  2. the tank volume in cubic metres
  3. the volume in cubic feet
  4. the tanks' capacity in litres
  5. the capacity in US gallons
  6. the capacity in Imperial gallons
  7. full tank liquid weight based on kilograms/litre

V = 1/3𝝅((T/2)²+(T/2)(B/2)+(B/2)²);H
where V is the volume of the truncated cone
𝝅 = 3.14159265
T the upper diameter
B the lower diameter
H the height of the truncated cone 
one cubic millimetre (mm³) = 0.000000001 cubic metres (m³)
one cubic millimetre (mm³) = 0.0000000353146667214886 cubic feet (ft³)
one cubic millimetre (mm³) =  0.000001 litres (L)
one cubic millimetre (mm³) = 0.000000264172052358148 gallons (gal) US
one cubic millimetre (mm³) = 0.000000219969248299088 gallons (gal) Imperial

Cone - Truncated


Partial Filled

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