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Time from a Distance in Miles and Speed in Knots

Calculate the time it takes to travel a certain distance in miles based on a speed in knots. A knot is a unit of speed equal to one nautical mile per hour. The symbol used for a knot is kn or kt.

Time from Speed and Distance

Distance in Miles mi
Speed in Knots kn


Distance in Nautical Miles nmi
Distance in Kilometres km
Speed in Metres per Second m/sec
Speed in Feet per Second ft/sec
Time in Seconds sec
Time in Minutes min
Time in Decimal Hours hr
Time hour min sec


  1. enter the distance in miles
  2. the speed in knots


  1. the distance in miles converted to nautical miles
  2. the distance in miles converted to kilometres
  3. knots converted to metres per second
  4. knots converted to feet per second
  5. the time in seconds
  6. the time in minutes
  7. the time in decimal hours
  8. the time in an hour, minute, and second format

time = distance ÷ speed
one mile (mi)	= 1.609344 kilometres (km)
one mile (mi) = 0.868976241900649 nautical miles (nmi)
one knot = 1 nautical mile (nmi) per hour
one knot (kn) = 0.514444444444444 metres per second (m/sec)
one knot (kn) = 1.68780985710119 feet per second (ft/sec)
Example Calculation
How long will it take to travel 1222 miles at a speed of 152 knots?
First, convert the miles to nautical miles;
1222 * 0.868976241900649 = 1061.8889676
1222 miles equal 1061.889 nautical miles

Divide the distance of 1061.889 nautical miles by the speed of 152 knots to get the time in hours;
1061.889 ÷ 152 = 6.9861
It will take 6.9861 hours to travel the 1222 miles at a speed of 45 knots.
6 hr - 59 min - 10 sec

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