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Topsoil Calculator (From Area)

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Calculate the amount of topsoil needed using the length and width of the area measured in feet and the required depth of the topsoil in inches. Results include the square footage of your area and the amount of topsoil needed.

Length of Area: ft
Width of Area: ft
Depth of Topsoil: inch


Area in Square Feet: ft²
Topsoil Needed in Cubic Feet: ft³
Topsoil Needed in Cubic Yards: yd³
Topsoil Needed in Cubic Metres:


  1. enter the length of the area in feet
  2. the area width in feet
  3. the required depth of topsoil in inches


  1. the square footage of your area
  2. amount of topsoil needed in cubic feet
  3. topsoil needed in cubic yards
  4. topsoil needed in cubic meters

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