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Topsoil Calculator from Square Footage

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Calculate the amount of top soil needed using an area measurement in square feet. All you need to decide on in addition this area measurement is the required depth of the topsoil and you will get a result of topsoil needed in cubic feet, cubic yards and cubic metres.

It is recommended that you use 4 to 6 inches of topsoil for your lawn.

Square Feet of Area: ft²
Depth Required: inch


Topsoil Needed in Cubic Feet: ft³
Topsoil Needed in Cubic Yards: yd³
Topsoil Needed in Cubic Metres:


  1. enter the area measurement in square feet
  2. depth of topsoil in inches


  1. amount of top soil needed in cubic feet
  2. top soil needed in cubic yards
  3. top soil needed in cubic metre
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