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Turf and Top Soil Calculator

Turf and Top Soil Calculator

Turf and Top Soil Calculator

This calculator will enable you to calculate the square footage of the area you are planning to turf, the amount of topsoil needed in cubic yards and cubic meters, and the number of rolls of turf you need.

Most of the common shapes are included and you can select these as required. It will return values for each of your selections and a total for the combined selections.

If you have an odd shape lawn split it up in sections to match available options as close as possible for the best results.

Concrete Calculator for Footings
Concrete Calculator for Walls
Concrete Calculator for Pads
Half Circle
Concrete Calculator for Pads
Circle Segment
Concrete Calculator for Columns
Scalene Triangle
Concrete Calculator for Columns and Pad
Concrete Calculator for Rectangular Post and Pad
Right Angled Triangle

Add the option(s) you require with the following buttons. The total amount of turf and soil needed will be displayed in the box at the bottom of the page.

You will have to remove options you did not use from the form before the final total will be shown.

The total results will appear here:

Total Area:   ft ²
Total Topsoil in Cubic Yards:   yds ³
Total Topsoil in Cubic Meters:   m ³
Total Rolls of Turf:   rolls

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