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Turf Needed & Cost Calculator

This calculator will calculate the amount of turf needed and the cost of turf based on a per square foot price.

It can be used for any shape of yard that has two parallel running sides, such as a square, rectangle or trapezoid shaped yard and uses imperial measurements for the calculations.

Turf Needed & Cost Calculator
Lenght A: ft
Lenght B: ft
Lenght C: ft
Turf Size: ft²
Cost of Turf: per square foot
Waste: %


Area: ft²
Perimeter of Area: ft
Rolls of Turf Needed Needed: #
Total Cost: $

The Calculation

  1. enter the measurement for side A
  2. enter the measurement for side B
  3. enter the lenght measurement of C
    Note for a rectangle or square area A and B have to be filled in with the same measurement
  4. enter the turf roll size in square feet ( ea. if the roll is 2' wide and 6' long, enter it as 12)
  5. enter the per square foot cost of the turf
  6. waste factor percent value

The Results

  1. the square footage of the area you are turfing
  2. the perimeter of this area
  3. number of rolls of turf needed
  4. the cost of the turf
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