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Calculate the volume and the surface area of a semi-ellipsoid


This calculator works for any measurement unit. For example, if you calculate inches, inches will have to be used in all the length fields, and the result of the areas will be square inches; the volume results in cubic inches and length measurements in the starting unit, inches.


Length a #
Length b #
Length c #
Decimal Precision #


Semi-Ellipsoid Volume
Base Area
Lateral Area
Surface Area
Surface to Volume Ratio sa:vol


  • length a
  • length b
  • length c
  • decimal precision, number of digits after the decimal point


  • the volume of the semi-ellipsoid (unit cubed)
  • the base area of the semi-ellipsoid (unit squared)
  • the lateral area of the semi-ellipsoid (unit squared)
  • the surface area of the semi-ellipsoid (unit squared)
  • surface area to volume ratio (decimal)
V = 2/3Πabc
BA = Πbc
LA = 2/3Π((ab1.6 +ac1.6+bc1.6 )/3)1/1.6
s/v = SA/V
where V is the volume of the ellipsoid
BA the area of the base
LA the lateral area
SA the surface area
s/v the surface area to volume ratio
Π = 3.14159265
a , b, and c the axis lengths

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