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Stud Wall Framing Material Calculator

Stud Wall

This construction calculator will provide you with the material needed to frame an exterior stud wall.

The most common stud centers in residential framing are 16" O.C. and 24" O.C.

If your wall needs corners, you have to add the number of corners in the corner option. It will add one stud for each corner selected.

For partition walls coming out of this wall, the partition option will add two studs for each of those you added. (Depending on your wall layout or the way you do your framing, you may need them or not.)

The amount of sheathing material you require is based on using 4' x 8' sheets, and it calculates that from the square footage of your wall. You may need to add a sheet, depending on your wall length and height.

If you have any windows or doors in your wall, you can use the more detailed exterior wall framing calculator.

Length of Wall:   ft
Stud Spacing:   in
Height of Wall:   ft
# of Corners:   #
# of Partition Walls:   #
Plates:   lineal feet
Studs:   # of studs
Sheathing:   # of sheets
Area of Wall:   ft ²


  1. enter the wall length in feet
  2. the on-center spacing of the studs in inches (most common spacing: 16, 19.2, and 24 inches )
  3. the wall height
  4. number of corners in your wall (not all walls require corners)
  5. number of walls that run into this wall (partition walls)


  1. amount of plates you need in lineal feet( based on one bottom plate and two top plates)
  2. the number of studs
  3. the number of sheets (based on 4 x 8 sheets)
  4. square footage of this wall
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