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Convert Price per Square Foot to Price per Square Metre

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Converting the per square foot price to the per square metre price is a simple calculation, and to be able to do this you need to know the conversion factor from square feet to square metres.

Conversion Factors
one square foot (ft²) = 0.09290304 square metres (m²)

Square Foot Price to Square Metre Price

The Square Foot Price $ / ft²
Decimal Precision #
The Price per Square Metre $ / m²


  1. enter the per square foot price
  2. decimal precision, the number of digits after the decimal point


  1. the per square metre price
Example Calculation

You received a quote of $5.63 for work that needs to be done per square foot basis, but your plan is in metric, so you need to know what it is in square metres to make sense of it.

5.63 ÷  0.0929 = 60.60 The per square metre cost is $60.60
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