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Convert the per square foot price to the price per square metre, includes an online calculator. To be able to calculate this cost you need to know the conversion factor from square foot to square metre.

Conversion factors:
one square foot  =  0.09290304 square metres
one square metre  =  10.7639104167097  square feet
Calculations you can make: (two options)
square foot $ ÷ 0.0929 = square metre cost
square foot $ * 10.76391 = square metre cost

Example Calculation:

A quote of $5,63 was given for some work that needs to be done on a per square foot basis but your plan is in metric so you need to know what it is in square metres to be able to make sense out of it.

We will take the first conversion factor of 0.09290304
5.63 ÷ 0.0929 = 60.60 The per square metre cost is $60.60

Cost per Square Foot to per Square Metre Cost

Square Foot Price $ / ft²
Square Footage of Project ft²
Cost per Square Metre $ / m²
Total Cost of Project $
Project in Square Metres


  1. enter the cost per square foot
  2. optional enter the total square footage for this job


  1. cost per square metre
  2. total cost of job
  3. square footage of project converted to square metres

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