How To

I have been employed in residential, light commercial construction for 40 years, working for various companies. By adding some "how to do things," I share my knowledge, hoping that you can eliminate some of the problems you run into when building your home. All the How To's that you find on this page are the way I would do it. It is not the only way to do it, and I am sure some very "knowledgeable" people have different and better ways of doing things. It is amazing how many things I have learned and improved on over the years of working with other people, and I am sure I will learn new and better ways to come.

Calculating with percentages.

You find percentages everywhere. You may have to make a down payment, and your construction mortgage draws are split up and paid in draws based on percentages. If you are building a home, guaranteed you would run into something expressed in a percent value. The slope of a garage slab, a deck slope, laying of septic field pipes, etc., you will have to make the basic calculations using percentages! Or, if all fails, you can use one of the calculators you find below!