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US Ring Size Diameter in Inches

Find the size of the ring you need from a diameter measurement of your finger in inches.

This type of ring sizing is used in Canada, Mexico, and the United States.

In addition to the size of the ring you need, this calculator will provide the ring's inside circumference based on your finger's diameter.

In this calculator 2964" is a size 116  ring and at the upper end, a diameter of 1 12" is a 30 18 size ring, but to large to use for this calculator

US Ring Size from Diameter in Inches

Finger's diameter in n


Inside ring diameter in decimal inches dec.in
Inside ring circumference dec.in
Inside ring circumference in
US ring size #
US ring size #


  1. enter the finger's diameter measurement using inch and fraction


  1. inside ring diameter in decimal inch
  2. inside circumference of the ring in decimal inches
  3. inside circumference of the ring in inch and fraction
  4. US ring size
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