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Board Metre Conversion

Convert board metres (bm) to board feet (bf), thousand board feet (mbf), cubic feet (ft³), and cubic metres (m³).

A board metre is an obscure unit in the metric system, rarely mentioned and not used. The board metre could have been the metric equivalent to the board foot in the Imperial system. There are 10.594 board feet in one board metre.

Board Metre Conversion

One board metre is 1 metre by 1 metre by 25 millimetres. There are 40 board metres in one cubic metre.

Board Metre Conversion

Board Metres Conversion

Board Metres bm
Decimal Precision #


Board Feet bf
Thousand Board Feet mbf
Cubic Feet ft³
Cubic Metres


  1. enter the number of board metres (bm)


  1. board metres converted to board feet (bf)
  2. thousand board feet (mbf)
  3. cubic feet (ft³)
  4. cubic metres (m³)
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