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Lineal Feet to Board Feet

Convert a lineal foot (Lf) amount of a certain width and thickness of lumber to board feet (bf).

A lineal foot is equal to a length of 12 inches. Forty lineal feet equals 40 feet of length. There is no conversion needed between lineal feet and feet.

The board foot is a North American lumber/timber volume measurement, and you calculate it from the actual board length and the nominal width and thickness of the board. One board foot equals 12 cubic inches.

bf = Lf * T * W /12
where bf = board feet
Lf = lineal feet
T the nominal thickness of the board in feet
W the nominal width of the board in feet
Convert 1200 lineal feet of 2 x 4 to board feet;
bf = 1200 * 2 * 4 ÷ 12
9600 ÷ 12 = 800
1200 lineal feet of 2 x 4's has a volume of 800 board feet

Lineal Feet to Board Feet

Board Length ft
Nominal Thickness in
Nominal Width in
Number of Boards #


# of Lineal Feet per Board Foot Lft/bf
# of Board Feet per Lineal Foot bf/Lft
Board Feet bf
Thousand Board Feet mbf


  1. enter the amount of lineal metres
  2. the actual board width in millimetres


  1. lineal metres converted to what they cover in square metres
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