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Lineal Metres to Square Metres

Convert an amount in lineal metres to square metres using the lineal metre amount and the board's width in millimetres. You can use this, amongst other things, if you are looking to buy some boards in lineal metres and need to know how many square metres these boards will cover.

Sqm = Lm * (Bm/1000)
where Sqm = square metres
Lm = lineal metres
Bm = actual width of the board in millimetres
255 lineal metres of board
Actual board width 235 millimetres
Convert the 235 mm to metres by dividing by 1000;
235  ÷  1000  = 0.235
235 millimetres equals 0.235 metres.

Multiply the two amounts together to get the sqaure feet;
255  *  0.235  =  59.925
255 lineal metres of board covers 59.925 square metres.

Lineal Metres to Square Metres

Lineal Metres lin m
Board Width mm


Square Metres


  1. enter the amount of lineal metres
  2. the actual board width in millimetres


  1. lineal metres converted to what they cover in square metres
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