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Metre (m) to Yard (yd)

Length conversion, convert metre (dm) to yards (yd)

one metre (m) = 1.0936 yards (yd)
one yard (yd) = 0.9144 metres ( m)

To convert metres to yards you multiply the amount of metres by 1.0936
example: 66.5 m = 66.5 * 1.0936 = 72.7 yards (yd)

Metre To Yards Conversion

Metre m
Decimal Rounding (# of digits in result) #
Denominator (used for fraction in result) #


Decimal Yards yd
Yards yd ft in


  1. enter the amount of metres
  2. the amount of digits in the result
  3. precision of fraction/largest denominator to use for converting and forcing the fraction to a usable format. (preset @ 16th of an inch)


  1. millimetres converted to decimal yards
  2. millimetres converted to yard, foot and inch values
Finding the conversion factors:
one Imperial (international)  foot (ft) = 0.3048 metre (m) (exact).
one yard (yd) = 3 feet (ft)
one yard =  0.3048  * 3 =  0.9144 metres (m)
one metre (m) = 1 ÷  0.9144  = 1.093613298337708 yards (yd)

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